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We're delighted to announce our brand new PIX Virtual Experience Center.

Virtual Experience Center

The virtual experience offers a multitude of benefits and is something we will continue to develop and use in parallel for our marketing and sales activities. The interactive aspect of the PIX Virtual Experience Center could serve as a basic platform for a lot of activities including 3D animated views of our belts, online meetings, online chat, testimonials, presentations/training seminars, podcasts, product launches, demos etc. regardless of time zone or location.

Our Virtual Experience Center has a broad selection of all key PIX products. Please feel free to take a look around at your own pace and click on the area that most interests you.


  • Highly functional and extremely user-friendly architecture allows for an immersive and interactive 360° experience
  • A broad selection of all key PIX products
  • Empowered by stunning 3D replicas of PIX Belts
  • Digital library segment combining multiple levels of content
  • An interactive 360° walkthrough experience
  • Ease of accessibility - laptops, mobile devices or tablet
  • Multi-language support - English, German, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, French and Chinese
  • Virtual help desk - schedule meeting, chat, call or send an email

Link: https://www.pixtrans.com/vec.php

(For a better user experience, we recommend using the most recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge)

Click here you will find a tutorial for a walkthrough of all the functionalities.

Please share your feedback on the PIX Virtual Experience Center as it would help build a truly powerful and world-class innovative tool.