PIX is the leading manufacturer and exporters of Belts that are widely used in almost all industries. PIX Industrial Belts are available in Wrap Construction, Raw Edge Cogged, Poly-V and Timing Belt construction, besides there is also a wide range of special construction Industrial Belts which are also termed as application-specific Industrial Belts.

PIX also provide a complete solution along with Industrial Belts, with matching set of Pulleys, Bushes and couplings.PIX industrial Belts are widely used in mining and construction, power generation units, steel, cement, ceramic, textile, flour mills, oil and petroleum, machine tools and an array of applications.

PIX Industrial Belts are known for their quality, reliability and an extended service life.

Product Range

Wrap Construction Belts
Raw Edge Cogged Belts
Ribbed / Poly-V Belts
Timing Synchronous Belts
Polyurethane Belts
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