PIX-X'Align® Laser-guided Pulley Alignment Tool

PIX-X’Align® Laser-guided pulley alignment tool is a robust and highly effective maintenance tool, used to correct the misalignment of pulleys in a drive, to help the user to obtain the maximum service life of the Belt.


  • Proven in harsh environments
  • Extremely robust - nickel plated brass
  • Measurement span up to 8m
  • Ensures precise alignment for all drives
  • Easy to use without any special training
  • Small compact and handy equipment

Precise alignment of drives is an indispensable requisite for augmenting the performance and life of Belt drives. Misaligned pulleys are a common problem in Belt driven machines. Pulleys that are not properly aligned cause increase in the noise, vibration levels, uneven tensioning of the Belts. This can further result in Belt slippage, premature Belt failure, wearing-out of the pulleys, expensive downtime of machine, short equipment life, and inefficient operation of the drive.Hence, a well aligned drive system is the solution to avoid such problems in obtaining optimum Belt performance. Traditional, low-tech methods on today’s precision machinery involve plenty of trials and error, nakedeye observation, approximation and estimation. Hence, major disadvantages of traditional Belt and Pulley alignment include both inaccuracy and wasted effort. All produce a wide margin for error, which is unacceptable for precision pulley alignment. However, in today’s aggressive global market, it is genuinely not affordable to gamble the productivity and profitability on the naked eye observations. The Laser alignment is the industry standard method for accurately realigning Belts, pulleys, sheaves, sprocket drives, and other wear components. PIX Laser alignment instrument presents usability, accuracy and durability on the job that is unparalleled by anyother laser pulley alignment tools.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Min. Pulley Dia. (mm) Manufacturing Range
Measurement Distance up to 8m
Focus 2.0m
Optic Line, gaussian light distribution, 90° fan angle
Output power 5mW
Laser class 1M (EN 60825-1:2007)
Wavelength 635nm
Laser color Red
Accuracy < 0.5mm/m
Parallelism < 0.5mrad to the magnetic surface
Angle measurement Better than 0.2°
Temperature range -20°C to +40°C
Housing Nickel plated brass laser transmitterØ 20 x 120mm
Weight With magnetic holder 250g
Securing Magnetic; When non-magnetic: drives
secure with double-sided adhesive tape
Supply voltage CE approved, FDA approved

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