The engine of a vehicle has several various components that perform different functions. However, none of these parts would work had there been no Automotive Belt. There are different types of Automotive Belts, and their job is to keep the engine running by transferring power to various parts.
PIX manufacture an extensive range of Automotive Belts and covers the whole range of vehicle engines. PIX-Force® Automotive Belts are available for two-wheelers, cars, vans, trucks, buses, heavy and light-duty vehicles and manufactures Belt for the aero engines as well.

The Product Range of Automotive Belt includes-

PIX-Force® Moulded, Raw Edge Cogged, Automotive Belts
They originate from the crankshaft, run through various components including the alternator, power steering pump, AC compressor, water pump and supply them with power to function. These are mostly seen in older cars.

PIX-Force® Ribbed /Poly-V Automotive Belts
A prolonged serpentine Automotive Belt that runs through all engine components and powers them. A single Belt supplies power to almost all engine accessories and multiple components.

PIX-Force® Synchronous/Timing Automotive Belt
Also known as a camshaft drive belt, the job of a timing belt is to help crankshaft turning the camshaft. The Timing Belt opens and closes engine valves with the pistons in a synchronized fashion.


Engine, Alternator, Compressor, Water Pump, Fan, Power Steering Pump

Automotive REC Belts
Automotive REC Banded Belts
Automotive Series Belts
Automotive Poly-V Belts
Elasticated Ribbed / Poly-V Belts
Double-cog, EPDM, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts
Automotive moulded Poly-V Belts

Engine Exhaust & Inlet Valve

Automotive Synchronous / Timing Belts

Scooter Belt CVT

CVT / Scooter Belts

Belts for CVT Drive, Gearless Vehicle

Belts for CVT Drives, Electric Vehicle
Go-karts, Mini-Bikes Belts
Snowmobile Belts
Helicopter rotor drive Aramid Corded Poly V-Belts

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