PIX-Digital Tension Meter

PIX Digital tension meter is used to correct the tension factor in a drive, thus helping the users' to attain the optimum Belt tension.

This equipment works on frequency measurement phenomenon.


  • Non-contact measurement with repeated accuracy
  • Large range of measurement from 10Hz to 600Hz
  • High level of accuracy
  • Evaluation of the quality of measurement results
  • Suppression of background noise
  • Universal measuring head for convenient measurement
  • Detachable measuring sensor for narrow spaces

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Min. Pulley Dia. (mm) Manufacturing Range
Range of measurement 10 - 600 Hz
Measuring precision 10 - 400 Hz ± 1%, 400 - 600 Hz ± 2% ± 1 digit
Measuring method Non-contact acoustic with background noise suppression
Voltage supply 2*1, 5V Mignon (LR06) AA
Power consumption < 25mA
Display LCD 2 lines of 8 characters
Working temperature 0 to +50 C
Storage temperature -20 to +60 C
50 / 1270 923 / 23444

Before measurement begins, switch off the drive machine to ensure that neither the drive shaft nor the driven shaft is caused to rotate unintentionally.
The relevant safety instructions should also be observed.

If you would require any additional information, please write an e-mail to us at info@pixtrans.com

Preventive Maintenance

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