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  • Specially designed grey rubber top compound with high compression set for greater dimensional stability, high wear resistance.
  • Special fabric coated ribs for high wear resistance, dust free and noise free operation enhance overall service life and performance.
  • Fabric coated ribs will enhance Belt flexibility and protect the ribs from crack in changing environmental condition.
  • Optimum co-efficient of friction ensure consistent high power transmission even at changing speed.
  • Superior ozone, steam, water and acid resistance to minimize ageing crack.
  • High temperature resistant, the Belt can withstand temperature from -35°C to +130°C.

Constructional Details

  1. Specially design grey rubber top for superior flexibility and protect the Belt from external agents such as oil, grease, dust etc.
  2. EPDM treated polyester tension member for high tensile strength and minimal elongation, facilitating smooth operation.
  3. Fiber-loaded EPDM compression rubber offers high thermal resistance and enhanced power transmission.
  4. Unique design, special fabric coated ribs for high wear resistance and noise free operations.


  • Specific Belt length can be manufactured ,based upon moulded tool availability.
  • Suitable for high volume product.

Reference Standard

RMA IP-26, ISO 9982, DIN 7867


Automotive engines

Product Range

Section Thickness (mm) Pitch P (mm) Min. Pulley
Diameter (mm)
No. of Ribs Manufacturing Range Length Designation
Min. (mm) Max. (mm)
SPP-PK 4.50 3.56 45 2 to 60 700 749 Le
SPP-PK 4.50 3.56 45 2 to 130 750 1850 Le

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