• High power rating compared to standard Wrap Belts.
    • High tensile strength
    • Improved flexibility and suitable for back idler applications
    • Superior Belts life
    • Temperature range: -25˚C to +100˚C

Constructional Details

  1. Multi-layer fabric provides extra strength and acts as a crack barrier under reverse bend conditions.
  2. High modulus polyester cords placed at the centre neutralises the reverse bending stress.
  3. Special rubber compound for better grip on smaller diameter pulleys.
  4. The unique design of raw edge laminated side-walls facilitates high power transmission and faster heat dissipation.

Product Range

Top Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Manufacturing Range
Min. (inch / mm)
Max. (inch / mm)
CC-AX 12.70 8.50 24 / 609 200 / 5000
CC-BX 15.50 11.00 24 / 609 200 / 5000
CC-CX 22.00 14.00 51 / 1295 200 / 5000

Reference Standards

BS 3790


Used in multiple applications, where drive demands high power and reverse bending properties .

Product Label

Keilriemen Antriebsriemen Klassische Keilriemen Schmalkeilriemen Zahnriemen Keilrippenriemen DoppelKeilriemen Doppelzahnriemen Breitkeilriemen Hochleistungs-Keilriemen Kfz-Keilriemen Landwirtschaftsriemen Verbundriemen Gartenbauriemen Flankenoffene-Formgezahnt Keilriemen Wartungsfreie Keilriemen Hochleistungs-Antriebsriemen Keilriemen mit Aramid Hochleistungszahnriemen Spezialriemen