Aramid Cord Belts is an organic polyamide fibre, which is manufactured using complex chemical processes.PIX is the leading manufacturer of Aramid Cord Belts that are widely used in almost all industries. Certain critical drives demand for Belts made up of Aramid Cord, in place of the polyester cords. Aramid Cord Belts generally used in heavy-duty drives subject to shock-loads and where the power transmission requirements are demanding with minimal scope for stretch.
PIX Aramid Cord Belts are widely used in mining and construction, power generation units, steel, cement, ceramic, textile, flour mills, oil and petroleum, machine tools.


    • Higher breaking strength at almost 3 to 4 times higher than that of polyester cord, which provides for exceptional resistance under pulsating loads.
    • Compelling modulus ratio that contributes to lower Belt elongation.
    • Excellent impact and shock resistance property
    • Superior flex rate which enables improves belt life
    • Outstanding resistance to heat or thermal degradation


Tensile strength and % elongation comparison
Material Tensile strength in lb/in2 % Elongation at break
Polyester 162000 14
Aramid 400000 4

Aramid cord Belts are recommended, where :

    • Subject to heavy shock loads
    • Require superior tensile strength from the tension member
    • Allow minimal scope for elongation


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