PIX-TorquePlus®-XT2 High Power Cotton Cleaner Belts

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  • Specially treated glass cords for high tensile strength and superior adhesion
  • Excellent fatigue-resistant compound
  • Extended service life
  • Oil, heat and ozone resistant
  • Special dimensions for specific applications

Constructional Details

  1. High fatigue resistance with higher power transmission capability
  2. Specially treated Glass cord for great tensile strength
  3. Extreme abrasion resistance, Low Coefficient of Friction(COF)


Intermediate sizes are available upon request

Reference Standard

PIX Proprietary


Cotton-cleaner, Cotton gin machines, etc.

Product Range

Part No. No. of Teeth Pitch Length (inch) Top Width (inch) Thickness (mm)
61CCB142 60 61 1.5 11.2
63CCB165 63 63 1.5 11.2
64CCB170 64 64 1.5 11.2
65CCB175 65 65 1.5 11.2
63CCB165-2.5 63 63 2.5 11.2

Product Label